Cloud Nine Recycling works with numerous entities in the area that includes hospitals, schools, businesses, the local food bank and transfer station to gather and recycle material that may otherwise go to the landfill


Within a year Tyler has been able to recycle up to 20 tons of cardboard and paper products. Cloud Nine recycling  has created awareness and developed interest in recycling which previously hasn’t existed in the area. Businesses and organizations that have jumped on the recycling bandwagon are: The Legacy Inn: St Jude’s Food Bank, Eagles Nest Elementary School: Denny’s; Star Mart; Tuba City Transfer Station and the Tuba City Regional health Care Corporation are major suppliers of material.


Tyler Tawahongva is an ambassador for the Earth and will make himself available to schools for presentations or speaking engagements. He has experience in working with the local hospital and transfer stations for recycling waste collection and maximizing the impact of his work and contributing to the recycling efforts of the community. Cloud Nine welcomes inquiries from local businesses, institutions and governments to setup a collection and removal of recyclable material.    



Aluminum – Soda Cans
Most Metals –Copper, Aluminum, Brass, Stainless Steel....         Electronic Recycling-Most items with  an Electrical Cord
Paper Products–Cardboard, Office Paper and Newspaper

Plastic-#1 Beverage Containers


Community Centers
Environmental Conventions


Satellite Telephone
XM Satellite Radio